We are a small homestead and plant nursery located in Dexter, Michigan.

We are slowly restoring the area around our home to some semblance of the biodiversity it once held. We have an abundance of native wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees to share with our community during this process. We hope to offer even more in the future as our relationship with the land continues to mend.

Explore our Offerings Three Ways

Our small self-serve plant stand is located at the end of our driveway and will open mid-May. Plants will be marked with a standard market price for reference, but our stand operates on a “pay what you can, take what you need model.” We believe a relationship with the natural world is a human right, and planting native can be an important part of the process of rebuilding that relationship. We’re excited to play a small part in that process, and we trust visitors to pay within their means.

Plants can be ordered for pick-up at our roadside stand or doorstep delivery to your home.

We plan to occasionally visit markets this coming season and may partner with local causes and organizations with the dual goal of fundraising for important efforts and introducing new groups of people to the wonder of native plants. Check out our calendar for updates on any upcoming sales near you.

What we Grow

Everything we offer we are also in the process of incorporating into our own gardens.

We are most interested in growing plants that when nurtured, can provide food, teas, medicines, and other regenerative gifts. Most of the plants we are growing are native to Michigan, since native plants provide the most benefit to our local ecosystem and are well-positioned to adapt to a rapidly changing climate.

In addition to native plants, we offer a few heirloom nonnative perennial vegetable staples along with a very limited supply of annual veggie starts that we are integrating into our own gardens.

How we Grow

As a small backyard operation, we’re able to rely heavily on manual care and avoid use of pesticides. All of our pots have been previously used and were donated donated to our nursery by our surrounding community. Although most are plastic, you can rest assured that we’re trying to give another breath of life to materials that would very likely otherwise have already ended up in a landfill.

We hope to gradually move completely away from plastic over the course of the next couple of years. We are actively experimenting with additional growing methods that completely negate the use of plastic and materials from extractive industries. We experimented with offering some plants in pot-less soil blocks last summer and hope to have soil block offerings this season with additional species and new growing media variations.

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