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Hickory Nut Homestead, LLC

We are a small homestead and licensed nursery providing native plants, vegetable seedlings, and homestead products to Washtenaw county and surrounding areas. We also frequently deliver to Calhoun county. Please reach out via phone, email, or social media to check scheduling for our next delivery to Battle Creek! 

Visit our
Self-Serve Farm Stand

Our small farm and plant stand operates on a strict “take what you need/pay what you can” model. Come by and check out out our plants and any products that we have out at the stand! If you are looking for something specific, reach out beforehand and we will make sure it will be there

Pickup and Delivery
Free Delivery with a Minimum Order

Free delivery is available for spring orders over $30 throughout Washtenaw County using the code “FREEDELIVERY.” Other orders can be delivered for a fee or picked up for free at our homestead (roadside stand coming soon!)

Sharing the abundance
We gift extra seedlings, produce, and homestead products to organizations, causes, or individuals with a need for them

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We structure our inventory to empower gardeners to strengthen their backyard ecosystems and their own lives! Plant and care for a tree, shrub, grass, or wildflower, and be ready to marvel at the wildlife it draws or the medical and edible gifts these plants provide season after season

Visit our self-serve roadside stand to see our full offerings, provided on a strict “Take What You Need/Pay What You Can” model. Connect with a native plant and take it home today!

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