Hickory Nut Homestead, LLC is a small farm and licensed nursery providing native plants, vegetable seedlings, and homestead products to Washtenaw county and surrounding areas.  We also frequently serve Calhoun county. Please reach out via phone, email, or social media to check scheduling for our next delivery to Battle Creek!

Our Philosophy

We are on the perpetual journey of learning how to sustainably care for land, rebuild our backyard ecosystem, and share its bounties with our surrounding community.

We think about our planet in every step of our process. Some of our many ongoing efforts include:

  • Our farm is completely powered by renewable energy
  • We limit the use of plastic whenever possible, using practices like soil-blocking and reusing existing materials
  • We do not rely on herbicides or pesticides for healthy plants or crops
  • We utilize no-till gardening to build thriving soil that encourages healthier plants, more nutritious produce, and facilitates carbon-sequestration to fight climate change

About Native Plants

Native plants have evolved alongside other Michigan species and are consequently better adapted to provide critical resources to insects, pollinators, birds, and animals. Unfortunately, many native plants are threatened by human activity and unchecked nonnative invasive species. This leaves native insects, pollinators, and wildlife with fewer resources, contributing to things like pollinator decline, plummeting biodiversity, and a greater possibility of species-specific extinction. Utilizing native plants in home gardens and landscapes is one of the most effective things we can do individually to support our planet and maintain healthy ecosystems.

Fortunately, native plants can offer practical and immediate benefits to people too!
Native plants can:

We believe that gardeners can strengthen their surrounding ecosystems through native plants while directly benefiting from their many uses. We structure our inventory to allow you to choose plants based on practical applications.