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Seeds can be picked up at our roadside farm stand or ordered online beginning May 8th!

All of our garden seedlings are provided in soil blocks or recycled pots donated by our community. Soil blocks are our preferred growing method as they eliminate the need for single-use plastic, allow seedlings to develop vigorous root systems, and permit transplants to establish themselves more quickly than their root bound counterparts developed in restricting containers. We place the soil pots in folded recycled newspaper for easier transportation.

All our plants are heirloom varieties that have been grown and maintained by gardeners and farmers for generations. Most of these plants are grown from seeds descended from plants that have spent many seasons growing and adapting to Michigan’s climate and soils. This means that your seedling should adapt well to your home garden. It will also arrive there with a much a smaller carbon footprint compared with plants sold at larger nurseries, which are often shipped from out-of-state!

Are you looking for additional plant options for your home garden? Many edible native plants produce amazing berries or nuts and can be perfect additions that also benefit native pollinators and wildlife.

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