Fruitful American Cranberry (Viburnum trilobum)


An open-pollinated strain originating from a wild cranberry bush found in a Michigan wetland that was selected and grown for years by the famous local nursery, Oikos Tree Corps. Oikos recently closed their nursery, and we are fortunate to have acquired several of their naturally enriched native plant strains.

Plants will grow to fruit heavy at a young age with exceptionally bright dark red berries. Height is naturally a little shorter than the typical for the species from 4 to 8 ft. This selected strain is a good one for fruit production. The plants have almost a spur type fruiting habit much like apples with fruiting occurring all along the branches. The fruit size is smaller than others but it still has the same quality. It is necessary to let these freeze quite a few times before they are palatable. Once bletted fully the fruit does taste like a cranberry and can be processed with sugar or a sweet fruit juice.

These are currently provided in ~quart sized plastic pots provided by Oikos Nursery.

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June, May

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Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

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Edible, Good for Wild Birds, Host Plants