Northern Wild Raisin (Viburnum cassinoides)


Wild raisins make an attractive fruit and flower and are great for nibbling while walking around the yard. The plant produces clusters of dark blue fruit that can be used to make a drink or left to raisin up as it dries on the shrub. When the fruit has turned soft and black then the flavor is like a dried prune. Very fruitful under cultivation and can grow in open sun or light shade. Although small in size the flavor is good enough to chew on while wandering imagining raisins.

This species and the Manchurian viburnum have a similar flavor. The fragrant flowers are densely born all along the outside of the plants. Height and width to 6 ft. or less. The plants were sourced from seeds collected in Wisconsin and Nova Scotia and grown from years by the famous local nursery, Oikos Tree Corps. Oikos recently closed their nursery, and we are fortunate to have acquired several of their naturally enriched native plant strains. After twenty years, Oikos reports the plants look like giant balls of flowers in the spring making it one of the best for ornamental use.

Plants are currently being sold in deep 3″ plastic pot provided by Oikos Nursery

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